Welcome to the Manor!

This is a small network and community, formerly known as libernil.net. The project was established in order to pursue ideals of Free Software, Free Culture, ethically sourced hardware, self hosting, and sharing with others. Generally it consists of personal content, though some community resources reside here as well.

Things are pretty scattered around here as there's always something to work on! The network is spread out across several locations using all sorts of hardware. We have a VPS with Tranquillity in Sweden and a handful of machines (that were acquired by bartering, recycling, or were purchased from an ethical vendor) in the US at locations where we have physical access.

We are still in the process of moving things from the libernil.net domain, so if you can't find something here, have a look over there. You may find some SSL oddities or broken links. If so, please contact cmhobbs.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Hacking!

Network Status

Please bookmark hobbsc.sdf-us.org/manor_status.html for an hourly heartbeat check. More detailed data can be found on the munin instance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hardware are you using?

At the moment, there are three major machines:

First is a half disassembled shuttle computer known as "summernight", which has a 1GHz AMD Athlon 64 3400+ and 2GB of RAM. While not very powerful, it dutifully hosts the bulk of our services and provides a little space for our users to work or chat.

Next is a ThinkPenguin Pocket Wee we call "aprilshowers" with a quad core Intel Core i3-5005U processor clocked to 2GHz and 8GB of RAM. This machine is dedicated to hosting a few personal projects from our community. Mostly webstuff but it also serves as a backup for when summernight finally gives up the ghost.

Then we have a VPS with Tranquillity (in Sweden) known as "eremit". We have been allocated a single processor clocked at about 2.2GHz and about 1GB of RAM. This machine is mostly used for game servers.

As far as networking is concerned, we have a Rosewill router sold and rebranded by ThinkPenguin running libreCMC and a Linksys WRT-54RG running OpenWRT.

What distros do you run?

"summernight" is running Trisquel 7, while "aprilshowers" and "eremit" are running Debian Jessie (without the nonfree repos enabled). We use libreCMC and OpenWRT for networking devices.

Do you automate anything?

Given that the network is so small, the only automation we have is in backups and SSL certificate renewal. We may automate some of the other sysadmin tasks later.

Why call it the Manor?

The bulk of the network is housed in an office located in an old victorian style home that we would occasionally refer to as "neckbeard manor" or "freebeard manor" due to the number of programmers leasing offices there. Even though most of the developers have left, we still occasionally refer to the building as "the manor" and the name carried to the network.