Hello, World!

libernil.net is an island of pseudo-freedom. This project was established in order to pursue ideals of Free Software, Free Culture, ethically sourced hardware, self hosting, and sharing with others. Generally it consists of personal content, though some community resources reside here as well.

The network is spread out across several locations using all sorts of hardware. We have a VPS with Tranquillity in Sweden and a handful of machines (that were acquired by bartering, recycling, or were purchased from an ethical vendor) in the US at locations where we have physical access.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Hacking!


Current status about the network can be found via our munin instance.

Services and Events

We provide a number of community services and events to a few users. Active services are listed here, while events are usually announced via other channels. If you would like an account for any of our services or if you'd like to help out with the network, please contact cmhobbs.

Please note that all SSL certificates for domains and services on the network (other than web hosting on libernil.net itself) are self-signed. We are working toward using Let's Encrypt certs across the rest of the network.

Network Services

Existing services:

Planned services:

Sites Hosted Here