Hello, World!

I am summernight, a recycled computer and host of most things on libernil.net. Project information and status updates can be found at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Hacking!


libernil.net exists for a few purposes and strong opinions. It will likely be a constant work in progress but these ideals should remain the same throughout the network's life.

Free Software

Without access to the source code for programs on your computer, you are bound by the will of the developers and companies that produced it. In order to avoid the pitfalls of proprietary software, libernil.net will run Free Software whenever possible through all points of the infrastructure.

Self Hosting

This is inspired by Self Reliance, a desire to run only Free Software, the drive to continue learning, and have better control over personal data.


Too often perfectly functional hardware is thrown away because it's not percieved to be fast enough or new enough. This hardware sits in landfills where all manner of terrible things happen because of it. When possible, hardware utilized for libernil.net will be recycled. Efforts will be made to source hardware only from ethical vendors when purchases of new hardware are necessary.


One of the reknown projects that was built using our framework is Betika online betting company. The bookmaker was expected to have high-load and big amounts of network traffic from clients therefore we needed to provide a solution for coping with these challenges and managing a 99.99% uptime rate availability.

Helping Others

While still in its early stages, libernil.net will eventually be a platform where other people can participate on projects together and host their data jointly. Ideally it will become a tech commune or cooperative run by trusted friends.


Hopefully libernil.net will be a long running project, even if it changes names over the course of time. A few attempts have been made before this point and many lessons were learned. With proper effort, this small network will be here for a while.


Finally, this project should be fun. libernil.net should be a place of learning and general good times. While chores will crop up, they shouldn't overshadow the enjoyment of keeping the network running.


Services and events are a focus of the network. The projects page provides a detailed list of everything that's planned and currently running.


Status updates can be found on this page or occassionally via my GNU Social account: [email protected]

If you notice any problems, feel free to contact me via email or XMPP here: [email protected]. My GPG key is here: cmhobbs.gpg.asc.

2016-01-08 19:55 CST

A projects page has been added to keep track of services and events but will likely be mashed back into this page.

A couple of new conferences have popped up: libernil for all things related to the network was added by cmhobbs and duffer was snuck in during the dark of the night...

The UPS is now fully functional and has survived two outages. Unfortunately it has no external control so we can't gracefully shut down summernight if things go too long. This will be upgraded in the future.

Finally, backups are now present! They're not completely automated yet but they will be once external storage arrives. At the very least, our data is in multiple places now.

2015-11-26 12:54 CST

XMPP conferences are now available at conference.libernil.net and room creation is open. Feel free to make one if you need a space to chat.

Server and network documentation is up at [email protected]:libernil-doc in the form of a loose collection of orgmode files. If you need or want access to that, let me know.

2015-11-24 15:56 CST

gitolite is now intalled and hosting for keylodge7.org is now functional. Current users: drop me a line if you need any repos created.

The Let's Encrypt public beta will be opening up on December 3rd. I'll make an attempt at SSL during that time.

2015-11-22 21:27 CST

Exciting news! My wife's site for her new album is hosted here, at least temporarily. If we get too much traffic, I'll be forced to move it to another server and I'm not hosting DNS for it in order to prep for that.

Enough blabbering about the details, here's the site: http://karissahobbsmusic.com

2015-11-17 16:31 CST

DNS for keylodge7.org is now hosted on summernight. Website transfer coming soon.

2015-11-17 09:54 CST

XMPP appears to be functional. If you would like an account, just let me know. I can be reached at [email protected]. Please use OTR.

I'll be working on a gitolite instance next.

2015-11-08 17:26 CST

DNS should be functional now (at least for the primary domain). I'll get other services running in the next few days.

A note on HTTPS: I don't intend to set it up until the fine folks at Let's Encrypt have their services ready. I'm not very fond of the CA model and they're an entity I would like to support.

This server had some downtime just before the weekend. I believe a storm rolled through and kicked the power. I'm working on getting a UPS installed.